DE KARINA gallery is situated next to the author's home with which creates architectural and artistic whole. It is De Karina's homage to Mediterranean architectural heritage and his birthplace. The exhibition of his sculptures is exceptional. It communicates an intimate dialogue between De Karina's inner monologues - the sculpting ones, the architectural ones, as well as the personal ones. He is the triple author in this case: the author of the exhibition space, the author of the exhibition and the author of the exhibiting concept, which makes this gallery a homogenic and intimate expression of his artwork. One cannot separate De Karina's residental-exhibition complex from the surrounding-atelier, where we can see, besides the monumental stone sculptures, the sculptures currently being worked on. Those still unfinished pieces give a certain life dynamics to the entire place and saves it from being overly artificial.

Grga Gamulin wrote about De Karina's residential-exhibition space: "House above the sea! - an invented house, as are the lives of the "statues" in it - the statues which are not statues, but thoughts, tactile and brought to a secret and curious life. The house is brimming with them and floats above the sea like a magical hive of thoughts - as some phenomenon of our past and our present, distant and unknown, but destined for the future."