The first sculpture from the cycle PEBBLESTONES was made in 2005 during te sculptors symposium Forma viva Portorož. Their form makes a logical sequel to the sculptures from the cycle Coated forms, from which only an egg-like archetype shape is maintained, while conceptually and in form they are one step ahead. They are created out of bigger stones. Interestingly, every sculpture from the Pebblestones cycle can be considered a cycle itself. It's a sculpture-project that constitutes thirteen individual sculptures which are connected into a unique sculpture according to their meaning, not their material realization. Pebblestones are, in the true sense of the word, a step out of the earlier, purely sculptor's cycle of covered pebbles and into a sculpturally-meaningful concept. The flat surfaces of the pebbles are relief-like processed, with drawn arrows - spermatozoids or globular bulges - ovulation eggs. Pebbles huddled in a circle stop being a spatial decoration and become a sculpture which, due to its metaphysics, speaks of the earliest beginnings of life.