Sculptures from the series of GLAGOLITIC LETTERS were created during the project Baška Glagolitic path organized by the society "Sinjali" from Baška. The Baška Glagolitic path consists of 34 sculptures. De Karina is the author of three large-scale sculptures: the letter A, the letter L and the letter B, as well as a smaller one, the letter V. In addition, he is the author of the letter omega - a floor relief, and the wind rose. The other sculptures were created by students from various fine arts academies of Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and the Czech Republic, and were made under expert guidance and mentoring of Ljubo de Karina. The sculptures were created during three sculpture workshops. The project started in 2006 when the first Glagolitic letter A was set on the location Treskavac above the Baška valley. In 2007, the letter L was put in Jurandvor and the letter V on the promenade in Baška. Floor relief with the letter Omega and the wind rose was set in 2008, and the letter B was realized a year later. The project of Baška Glagolitic path was completed in 2009.